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Welcome to 'Stay at Home straggler', the blog for stay at home partners and travellers alike.


My name is Martina, and i’m a Straggler.

I’m also an ex-Humanitarian, Pilates instructor, lover of dark chocolate, foodie, amateur nomad and wife extraordinaire…well, most of the time, anyway.

A few years ago, my now husband and I decided to do away with long distance dating and make a life together once and for all. This meant leaving my career in the Humanitarian sector to follow and support my husband in his much more exciting career, also in the Humanitarian sector. Me being the more flexible half of the partnership, I agreed to take one for the team and so I became the Straggler.

It was a great idea at the time, and so far we’ve actually made it work; despite being without a permanent job, a home base or any idea where we might want to settle down, if we ever do. The idea was that I would pick up work along the way, whatever was available. But as with most things, this was much easier said than done. Whilst I did have some success finding interesting jobs over the years, I also decided that it would be my personal mission to make our place in the world, wherever that was at the time, feel a little bit more like home.

Depending on which dictionary you’re Googling, a ‘Straggler’ is a professional procrastinator, or someone who tends to hold everyone up. I can’t deny being either of these things at some point in my life, but I much prefer the Nordic definition of straggler as ‘someone who strays from the proper path’. It can also mean to wander about or be spread out in a scattered fashion. Both of these definitions pretty much sum up my whole existence.

In the past 13 years, since I left my island home of Australia, I have lived and worked in over 9 different countries. Not to mention, travelled and visited many, many more. There was no sense to this madness, and no particular plan or direction either. At the point when I found myself working in Afghanistan, my mother was the first to proclaim that I had well and truly strayed from ‘the proper path’. Trouble is, I’ve never quite figured out what that proper path is for me. So…I continue to Straggle…but I always, eventually, find my way.

People often tell me I have the best life. And in a way, I definitely agree. My husband and I are extremely lucky to get to travel the world and explore new countries more often than most. I love dramatic landscapes, especially those remote and less explored. I cherish every breath of fresh mountain air and the feeling of warm sand between my toes. I love experiencing new flavours, colours and cultures. My favourite time of day is twilight, but I’m a morning person too. More than anything else, I like to sit and watch the world go by, allowing myself to get lost in the moment.

Back to reality…being a housewife, homemaker, whatever you want to call it, is not easy! After about 2 weeks of blissful lie ins and schedule-free living, I was completely and utterly bored. I’ve always been one to enjoy my own company and lounging on the sofa, but there comes a point when enough is enough. Work is one of those things you miss that often defines who you are and gives you purpose in life. I was quick to discover that what I needed was some kind of structure in my day, along with purposeful and meaningful tasks to occupy my mind.

Fast forward to today, and doing stuff with purpose is what I do best. This is a blog about all the things I love doing. It’s about travel, cooking, good food and staying fit and healthy. It’s about being curious and discovering new and interesting things in this crazy world we live. But most of all it’s about my struggles…and successes…as a housewife, and how i’m finding a home, away from home.

I hope to offer some consolation for others that find themselves straggling away from ‘the proper path’ like I did, and hopefully, maybe, a little bit of inspiration to do something wild and wonderful with your time at home.

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Martina biking
Just me and my cruiser.

Photo Credits: Vladimir Mudrovcic Weddings


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