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Are you getting ready for a work trip or vacation, but cold and flu season is still lingering in the air? If you're determined to leave the tissues behind and remain cold and flu free, you need to read these five tried and true methods of preventing cold and flu, while you travel. Read the full article for additional tips on boosting immunity before you even leave home.

How to Prevent Cold & Flu When you Travel

 Early next month, I’ll be seeing Mr. Straggler off on a 2-week work trip. He’s got a hectic schedule lined up, and with cold and flu season still lingering in the air we’re not taking any chances! While it’s pretty hard to avoid bumping shoulders in a crowded airport and in the confines of a packed airplane cabin, there are ways to prevent the inevitable ...Read More
Stuff we always travel with. Although we try our best to pack light there are some things we never travel without.

Stuff we always travel with

Merry Christmas everyone! As the year comes to a close, we are preparing for yet another move to yet another country. However, this time we’re making our way to more familiar terrain - Georgia! One of our all-time favourite corners of the world. We have fond memories of our time in Georgia and have always vowed to return one day. Needless to say, we’re ...Read More