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Learn how you can keep a clean home without all the spraying and wiping. Read the full post @ stayathomestraggler.com

Seven Easy Ways to Keep a Clean Home

 Last week I revealed the details of my natural approach to home cleaning. In the process of going chemical free, I realised that swapping out most of the commercial cleaning products we use on a daily basis, for more natural and skin friendly alternatives is so much easier, cheaper and more effective than I’d ever imagined! In case you missed it, check out the full ...Read More
Have you ever thought about ditching the chemical cleaners in your home and going all natural? It's not as daunting as it seems, in fact it's easier, cheaper and more effective than you can ever imagine. Read the full post @ stayathomestraggler.com

Natural Home Cleaning…my experiment so far

 This year, or maybe a bit earlier, I committed to going natural. And by that I mean ditching all the chemicals in our home, and replacing them with natural and chemical free alternatives. What was my motivation? I think back to the constantly dry, and angry skin on my poor hands - purely from washing dishes - and am slightly disappointed in myself for not ...Read More
Read about our old house in Tunisia and 10 things we do to make anywhere feel like home, whether long or short term. A Throwback Thursday post at stayathomestraggler.com

Throwback Thursday. Our beach shack in Tunisia…

...and 10 ways to make anywhere feel like home, on a budget.   Last week we said goodbye to Iran and decided to set up on more familiar terrain. So here we are...in Tbilisi, Georgia! Although checking in to an air b'n'b is not quite the same as moving into a new home, we quite amazingly managed to find a place in exactly the ...Read More