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Fluoride is not what you think it is! Read the full post to find out the very real dangers of fluoride consumption, even just by using toothpaste. It's scarier than you think! stayathomestraggler.com

The Trouble with Fluoride…

  ...And why I'm sticking to Fluoride Free!  Last year, my husband was gifted a tube of aloe vera flavoured, fluoride free toothpaste. It was a very kind gesture (given how expensive natural toothpaste can be), passed on with some vague advice as to why we should ditch our commercial toothpaste and start using this stuff instead. I tried it a few times, before quietly ...Read More
The best of February 2018, with a special focus on Health and Nutrition. Read the full post for a health kick @atayathomestraggler

Monthly Roundup: February 2018

‘‘When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is right, medicine is of no need." - Ancient Ayurvedic proverb This week wraps up the February Health Kick! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have…or at least thought twice about going gluten-free. Writing about good health inspired me to finally get out and join the gym here in Tbilisi. I’ve ...Read More
Most people know what a coach is, but have no idea what is a Health Coach. Find out everything there is to know about Health Coaching, and how a Health Coach might be able to help you @ www.stayathomestraggler.com

What is Health Coaching?

And how a Health Coach could help you. This week is Health Coach week! Whenever I mention Health Coaching in conversation, I am often faced with a blank expression and an empty stare looking back at me. No hard feelings! While most people know what a coach is, they've probably never heard of a Health Coach before. As a Health Coach in training, I felt ...Read More
My lemon water Experiment blog post. The benefits of drinking lemon water tried and tested. Read more at stayathomestraggler.com

My lemon water experiment

Lately, I can’t seem to stop hearing about lemon water. A few weeks ago, when my health coaching group unanimously agreed that drinking warm lemon water in the mornings was a very good thing to do, I figured it was time to give it a try. The trouble is I’ve tried this experiment several times before and always failed miserably. There were several reasons. ...Read More