Fluoride is not what you think it is! Read the full post to find out the very real dangers of fluoride consumption, even just by using toothpaste. It's scarier than you think! stayathomestraggler.com

The Trouble with Fluoride…

  ...And why I'm sticking to Fluoride Free!  Last year, my husband was gifted a tube of aloe vera flavoured, fluoride free toothpaste. It was a very kind gesture (given how expensive natural toothpaste can be), passed on with some vague advice as to why we should ditch our commercial toothpaste and start using this stuff instead. I tried it a few times, before quietly ...Read More
Navigating a long distance relationship isn't always easy, but it doesnt have to be complicated either! Read on for my tried and tested advice on how to have a successful long distance relationship - in this post I explore the 'meet up' and how to make it as enjoyable as possible. Read on @ stayathomestraggler.com

The Secrets to a Successful Long Distance Relationship, Part 2: The Meet Up

 I was feeling like a throwback Thursday kind of week, so I bring you part two if this mini series covering everything you need to know about long distance dating. A few months ago, I shared Part 1 of The Secrets to a Successful Long Distance Relationship, a compilation of the collective wisdom of both my personal (very long) experience of being in a long ...Read More
Eat your greens! This spinach pancake is packed with spinachy goodness, and is also grain free and gluten free, check out the full recipe @ stayathomestraggler.com

Spinach Pancake

 Gluten free, grain free This week I’ve been making a conscious effort to eat more greens...unfortunately, the seasons are not in my favour and right now finding fresh greens is easier said than done. At times like this when greens are scarce, I turn to spinach. If not fresh, you can always find it frozen and it's so easy to incorporate into so many savoury recipes. ...Read More
As a foreigner in a new country, it can be very lonely and isolating. Humans crave social interaction and as daunting as it might seem at first there are plenty of ways to make friends and meet people as a foreigner. Check out or best, tried and tested tips for making friends and meeting new people as a foreigner @stayathomestraggler.com

How to make friends and meet people…as a foreigner

  Moving back to Georgia was one of the best ideas we ever had. We spent the first few weeks getting to know the city again, exploring new haunts and reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances. These few weeks were wonderfully sociable, until most of our friends announced it was time for them to move on to the next country. And just like that, we were ...Read More
Check out all the good things I'm reading, listening to and watching this month! March 2018.

Monthly Roundup: March 2018

   "You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny." - Vedic Text Upanishads  Can you believe it's March already? I don't now about you, but 2018 is shaping up to be a big year ...Read More
Being the stay at home partner is a dream come true...for a while...until it just isn't anymore. No matter who you are, you're bound to get the stay at home blues at least once in a while. Read mx top tips on how to overcome them, and stay positive! stayathomestraggler.com

How to Overcome the Stay at Home Blues

 Being the stay at home partner, carefree, day in and day out is a dream come true…for a while…until it just isn’t anymore. Sooner or later, no matter how busy you are, the beauty of sleeping in on a daily basis and not worrying about work deadlines…or any deadlines for that matter...is bound to lose its lustre. One day drags into another, and suddenly you’re ...Read More
Are you a perpetual traveller? Tired of packing your suitcase but somehow still unable to find your place in the world? I hear you? I am too...or was too...in this post I explore the pros and cons of settling down and why we chose to go for it once and for all! Read the full post at stayathomestraggler.com

Pros and Cons of a Life More Settled

 I am happy to announce that last week we purchased our very first home! We don’t have the keys yet, nor are we anywhere close to moving in...it’s a fixer upper! But it means we are one step closer to laying down some roots and saying goodbye to our country-hopping lifestyle. Most people we know are over the moon and probably thinking something along the lines ...Read More
I love Airbnb! The concept, the convenience the overall travel experience it offers...but is it necessarily a good thing? Read on to find out in what situations Airbnb might not be the best option, and the wider social consequences of the growing popularity of Airbnb travel.

To Airbnb or not to Airbnb?

When is Airbnb a good option?                       And when to stay away! Last week we moved into our fourth Airbnb in less than two months, and that's not even including almost two weeks of travel in between (during which time I did use one additional Airbnb). It wasn't our first encounter either. We’ve been feeling ...Read More