Are you also experiencing a scorching summer? Feeling dehydrated but just can't get enough water...or getting bored of drinking too much? Check out this guide to drinking more water this summer, plus some interesting facts about water that might surprise you!

Feeling dehydrated? How to drink more water this Summer

This summer is shaping up to be an absolute scorcher! As much as I love Summer and the opportunities it offers for enjoying the great outdoors, the hot Summer months also bring with them a whole new set of concerns about drinking enough water and generally avoiding dehydration. While deaths from dehydration are not common in the developed world, it can result in unnecessary pain and ...Read More
Traveling gluten free is easier than you think! I've been gluten free for years now and never felt deprived on my trips. Check out my guide to traveling Gluten free the easy way @

A Quick Guide to Gluten Free Travel

I’ve been eating gluten-free for years now, and it’s never stopped me from traveling. Even in the deep south of Ethiopia, I’ve never gone hungry. You can read more about why I chose to ditch gluten here, but long story short…even though I don’t have celiac disease, too much bread, pasta or anything containing gluten does leave me with unpleasant side effects that I’d much prefer ...Read More
Besides stuff we always travel with for big moves, I have a dedicated section of my carry on bag that holds all my travel essentials. Find out more in the full post @

My Personal Travel Essentials

Way back in December last year, I shared details about the 'stuff' we always travel with. It was more about the stuff we take with us to make us feel at home, even when we’re away from home. But what about shorter trips? Or when I’m traveling alone? Well, besides the obvious cosmetics and toiletries (for which I have a couple of ultra light-weight cases that ...Read More
Learn how you can keep a clean home without all the spraying and wiping. Read the full post @

Seven Easy Ways to Keep a Clean Home

 Last week I revealed the details of my natural approach to home cleaning. In the process of going chemical free, I realised that swapping out most of the commercial cleaning products we use on a daily basis, for more natural and skin friendly alternatives is so much easier, cheaper and more effective than I’d ever imagined! In case you missed it, check out the full ...Read More